McKay, A History of Western Society for the AP® Course, 12e

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LaunchPad contains resources for you and your students. In this tutorial, we'll take a detailed look at both types separately.

When you're ready to create your LaunchPad course, you can click the following link to go to the landing page of LaunchPad for A History of Western Society for the AP® Course. We also offer a course tour for A History of Western Society that will help you get started using this LaunchPad.

What resources are available for my students? 

From your LaunchPad home page, click Resources, then Content by Type. You'll see a list of all the resources available to your students. We'll now take a closer look at each.

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A complete online version of the textbook, the e-Book is every word on every page of the printed text, including all primary sources, images, maps, and pedagogical tools. At the top right of each e-Book page is a page reference number so that students can go back and forth between their e-Book and their printed book. In addition to LaunchPad’s notes and highlighting features, teachers can easily hide chapters or sections that they don’t cover in their course, rearrange the order of chapters and sections, and add their own content directly into the e-Book.


Flashcards provide students an exercise to learn important events and phrases--there are Flashcard exercises for all of the key terms in each chapter. Students type the correct term in the space provided below the definition. Students see right away whether they're correct or not, making this a great practice exercise to get familiar with new words and phrases.

Guided Reading Exercises

Provided once per chapter, the Guided Reading Exercises are active reading grids for the students to use while reading the chapter. They help students read for the main points of the chapter and prompt them to think about how the information they gather can be used to answer a central essay question.


Developed in light of the latest advances in learning research, LearningCurve’s game-like adaptive quizzing is available for every chapter of the text.

LearningCurve provides a unique learning path for each student, with quizzes shaped by each individual’s correct and incorrect answers. The less a student knows about a topic, the more LearningCurve focuses on it. And the better a student does, the more difficult the questions become. Feedback for each question includes live links to e-Book pages relevant to the topic at hand, guiding students to the reading they need to do to address areas that are giving them difficulty.

Because LearningCurve is a formative assessment and not graded on a A-F scale, many instructors have found it to be an ideal source for pre-lecture assignments, with students coming to class more prepared to participate. LearningCurve is equally effective when used as a post-lecture review. Instructors have also found that making LearningCurve a small percentage of the overall grade further incentivizes students to take advantage of it when preparing for class.

Map Quizzes

The map quiz for each chapter sharpens students' geography skills. Places on a map are indicated by letters; students use drop-down menus to select a location that corresponds with each letter. The activity is graded automatically, and students can see what they got correct and what they missed.

Primary Sources

We know how important primary sources are to building students' history skills. Each chapter in theLaunchPad for A History of Western Society includes written and visual primary sources. The features include Evaluating the Evidence, which presents an individual written or visual source, and Thinking Like a Historian, which groups at least five sources around a central question. Not only does the LaunchPad include all of the documents from the textbook, but it also includes documents from the companion reader, Sources for Western Society. The autograded multiple choice quizzes available for these sources can be assignments that students complete and submit right in LaunchPad.



Primary Sources – Additional

In addition to the Primary Source Projects in each chapter, we selected even more primary sources for you to use in your LaunchPad course, if you wish.


Each chapter’s quizzes hold students accountable for reading the primary documents provided in LaunchPad. Multiple choice quizzes can be assigned for the documents in the chapter narrative as well as for the documents in the reader, Sources for Western Society.

Summative Quizzes

Every chapter offers a pre-built summative quiz which instructors can assign for student practice or higher-stakes assessment.

Timeline Activities

One timeline activity per chapter can be assigned to help students solidify their knowledge of the order of events. Students select events from drop-down boxes that correspond with the list of dates shown, and click submit when they're done. The activity is graded automatically, and students can see what they got correct and what they missed.

Welcome Unit Quiz

In order to get familiar with LaunchPad, see how it works, and know what it contains, you can test your students’ understanding by having them take the brief quiz included in this unit. The quiz will show students where something is (like how to find their grades) and then ask them to confirm that they understand. Hopefully this will allow them to see ALL that LaunchPad offers, and use the product to its fullest.

What resources are available for instructors?

From the same screen where you've been viewing student resources, you can scroll down to see those available to instructors. Let's now take a closer look at each.

AP® Style Questions

Although not in the new exam format per se, these AP®-style questions encourage students to think in the manner required of them on the exam. They are helpful practice and skill-building questions.

AP® Teaching Suggestions

AP® Teaching Suggestions is a bulleted list of suggestions for in-class activities and exercises for each chapter. Suggestions also include directions on where to spend your time and what can be skipped or lightly touched.

Chapter Figures, Photos, Maps, and Tables

Book images in jpeg format are available for you to make your own worksheets and/or lecture slides. Please note that these are copyright protected images and may be used in your classroom, but may not be posted to open access websites.

Chapter Outlines

These are detailed outlines for each chapter.


These documents offer chapter-by-chapter correlations of A History of Western Society for the AP® Course, Twelfth Edition to the AP® European History curriculum framework.

Lecture Slides

Found within each chapter folder, Lecture Slides are designed to assist you with lecture preparation and presentation. The slides contain textbook images and a lecture outline (complete with notes) suitable for lecture/presentation. They may also be customized with your own slides, notes, and lecture strategies.


Outline Maps

This LaunchPad includes 45 pdf outline maps for instructors to download for quizzing or assignments.

Rubrics for AP® Style Questions

The AP® Style writing questions included in this LaunchPad are not automatically graded. You will need these rubrics to grade the AP® short-answer, document-based, and long-essay questions.

Strive for a 5 Answers

Some teachers like to assign questions/tests from the separately available Strive for a 5 Study/Prep Guide; therefore, we no longer put the answers in the back of the Strive Guide itself. Share these answer keys with your students or use the Strive Guide for graded homework, but please do not post answers to the open web.

Teacher's Resource Manual

The teacher's resource manual is organized by chapter and includes worksheets; model answers; lecture strategies; film, audio, and web resources; in-class activities; misconceptions and difficult topics; and learning objectives.

Test Bank

This bank of questions correlates to each chapter of the main textbook. This bank does not include the AP®-style questions which are available only with-in the LaunchPad quiz builder or on our ExamView Test Bank CD (available separately – please contact your rep for information).

AP® is a trademark registered by the College Board®, which was not involved in the production of and does not endorse this product.