iClicker Campus Release Notes

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iClicker Campus 2.7 (Platform) – September 2017
This is an automatic platform update.

Bug Fixes
  • FIXED: Multiple entries for the same email ID were displayed in the instructor usage report.
  • FIXED: A course would display in the course report even if it did not contain any session data.
  • FIXED: Archived and deleted courses were not shown in the course report for the chosen time frame.

iClicker Campus 2.6 (Platform) – July 2017
This is an automatic platform update.

  • Course discipline can now be viewed in the instructor report and course report.
  • Miscellaneous security updates
Known Issues
  • Admins and Super Admins cannot view the student report. Only Advanced Institution Admins can view the student report.

iClicker Campus 2.5 (Platform) – May 2017
This is an automatic platform update.

  • REEF Analytics was rebranded as iClicker Campus

REEF Analytics 2.4 (Platform) – April 2017
This is an automatic platform update.

  • A new Advanced Institution Admin (AIA) role was created. Institution admins must be granted the AIA role by the iClicker product team.
    • AIA capabilities and support tools:
      • View student usage report for the institution
      • Ability to impersonate users at the institution
      • View user profiles for users at the institution by searching for name or email address
Bug Fixes
  • FIXED: Only active courses were appearing in the instructor report for the chosen time period.
  • FIXED: There was a date range issue when viewing the last 30 and 60 days.
  • FIXED: There was a tooltip error on the dashboard.

REEF Analytics 2.2 (Platform) – September 2016 
This is an automatic platform update.

Bug Fixes
  • FIXED: Dashboard data (number of instructors, courses, sessions, clickers, etc) was not matching course report data.
  • FIXED: There was an issue with selecting calendar dates.
  • FIXED: The student clicker count was higher than the student count on the dashboard.
  • FIXED: Some instructor names and email addresses were not listed in the course report.
  • FIXED: Email addresses with more than three top-level domain characters were permitted.