Class Activity: And the Award Goes To...

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Goal: Have students practice delivering concise, impromptu speeches within a time limit in a fun, creative activity designed to break them out of their comfort zone.


1. Ask students to create a fake television show (or choose an existing show they would like to star in) and write it out on a slip of paper along with their name. They may also write a one-sentence description of their show, if they wish.


2. Give students 5 minutes to prepare short acceptance speeches, reminding them that they do not yet know which award they will receive. Encourage them to be creative in their speeches – they can tell jokes, they can talk about their show and its impact, or they can draw attention to a cause they care about, like the environment.


3. Put the slips of paper into a bag to randomly select the winners of each category in your award show. Feel free to add creative categories, like a Humanitarian Award or Best Craft Services, but standard choices may include: Best Director, Best Writing, Best Actor or Actress in a Leading or Supporting Role, and Best Comedy or Drama (the "Executive Producer" will accept this award).


4. As the Host, feel free to read the one-sentence descriptions of each show as you present each award. Give students 1-3 minutes each to present their acceptance speeches; play music of your choice if they start to go over time.


5. After the activity is over, discuss the speeches with the class and ask how they felt about their semi-impromptu speeches. If time allows, show clips from an awards show of your choice (like the 2017 Emmy Awards, which aired on September 17th) and discuss the acceptance speeches in class.