Video Assignment: Time Management

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Video title: Effective Time Management

Topic(s): Time management, procrastination

Search terms: video effective time management Missouri

Time (of video): 3:33

Posted by: MSU Bookstore (Missouri State University Bookstore)

Date posted: May 5, 2011


Video description:  What happens when you use time ineffectively? Watch as a student uncomfortably finds ways to avoid writing his philosophy paper.


Question/writing prompt to discuss or paste into discussion board/Video Tools:  What feelings/emotions did you experience when watching the student procrastinate on his paper? Why do you think the video evokes these particular emotions?


In-class activity: 

Use of Time Objective: Students gain an appreciation and deeper awareness of time and how good time management keeps time from “slipping away.”


            Often we are unaware of the amount of time we spend doing certain activities. Select a class meeting during which you will focus on the wise (or unwise)             use of time.

  1.      Cover the clock. Ask students to put away mobile devices.
  2.      Choose from the exercises listed below. Keep track of the time that elapses during each exercise, but do so without the students knowing.
  3.    . After doing the exercises, ask students to guess how much time elapsed during each one and to discuss which use of time felt the longest/shortest to them.


Use-of-Time Exercise Ideas (Feel free to add to this list.)


  1.      Delay the start of class by shuffling papers, setting up the computer, playing on your phone, or casually talking to students.
  2.      Ask students to write continuously on a topic for one minute. Make the topic easy to write about (e.g., favorite sports team and why, favorite season and why).
  3.      Pretend to have an important call to take. Tell students they may do whatever they want while you take the call (e.g., use phone, play on laptop, do work for other classes).
  4.      Listen to a song.
  5.      Sit in silence and straight ahead.