Video Assignment: Active Listening

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How to Read Your Textbooks


Type: Television clip

Topic(s): Speaking up in class, participating in class, listening critically

Search Terms: teaching Dwight active listening

Video Title: The Office Season 9 Episode 7; Teaching Dwight active listening

Time (of video): 1:20

Posted by: Kevin Taylor

Date Posted: November 1, 2013


Video description: Being an active, critical listener takes practice. Watch Dwight’s attempt at active listening.


Question/writing prompt to discuss or paste into discussion board/Video Tools: Have you ever caught yourself pretending to listen? Did the other party notice? How did you recover and engage again?


In-class activities:

Learning from Dwight’s Failure Objective: Students understand the importance of critical listening.


      Show the video. Dwight’s attempt at critical listening is humorous; however, he may be missing important information because he is not listening to what is being said. Ask       students:

                • Why do you think he is failing in his attempt?

                • How can you avoid being Dwight and instead become a good critical listener?