Class Activity: Comparing Class Schedules

Document created by Melanie McFadyen on Nov 2, 2017
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Goal: Have students work together to understand time management and design more time-efficient schedules for the next term.


Time: Ten minutes


In small groups, have your students share their current class schedules. Encourage them to exchange ideas on how to handle time-management problems effectively and to point out the challenges they see in each other’s schedules. Discuss ways that students can design more time-efficient schedules for the next term. Have students pay particular attention to upcoming midterms, exams, projects, and finals, and whether or not the current schedules allow for enough time to study or complete those projects effectively.


Note: This exercise may work best if you list some criteria that students can use to assess one another’s schedules. Examples of such criteria would be planning to get to class on time; finding time to eat and exercise; using time between classes wisely; scheduling time for studying; avoiding distractions; and so on.