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  1. Purpose
Users will request help in editing their profile information, such as username, email, or password.
This SOP will guide you through editing a user’s profile information.
  1. Scope
Launchpad - Higher Ed/HS - Tech Support
  1. Prerequisites
You will need access to TechTool and Service Cloud
  1. Procedure
Step 1: If the customer is an instructor requesting an email address change, you will be unable to make this edit via TechTool. Escalate these cases to the Expert Dispatch queue. If the customer is a student, or an instructor requesting a name change or password reset, proceed to Step 2.
Step 2: Find User Account in TechTool using “Find Existing User”
Step 3: From the “User Details” page, click “Edit”

Step 4: On the “Edit User” page, you can adjust the name, password, and email address for the user. When you are finished, hit “Save”.
NOTE: You must reset a user’s password when changing their name or email address in order to save the changes.
NOTE: Passwords must be at least 8 characters long, and contain at least one capital letter, one lowercase letter, one special character, and one number.
Step 5: Notify the user of their new account information.
End of Procedure
  1. References
LaunchPad > Find User Account in TechTool
  1. Definitions