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Texts are used to prompt students on a given assignment. Students can annotate the Text using the Text Marking Tool as well as respond to the Text with their own writing. If you want to supply a document that your student is not expected to respond to directly in their writing, you should consider adding the document as a Resource instead.

For more on the difference between Texts and Resources, see the help article What are the differences between Texts and Resources?.

Select the assignment

Click on the assignment title from your dashboard to open the assignment.


Click "EDIT" in the action bar

Click "Texts"

Here you can provide the required texts (e.g. reading passages, excerpts) for Stimulus-based Responses. Optionally, add texts you require students to read for Express and WriterKey assignments as well. This tool allows students to annotate the text.


Give the text a title


Select a method to add the resource

  1. Upload from computer
  2. Import from Google Drive
  3. Edit/paste text
  4. Copy from library

Upload from your computer

Click "Upload from Computer"


Click "Browse My Computer"


Select the document

The following file formats are accepted: .DOC, .DOCX, .RTF, or .TXT.

Mac users: Please ensure your document is saved with an appropriate file extension (.DOC, .DOCX, .RTF, .TXT) before uploading it. To do so, choose Append file extension while saving the file.


Click "Add Text"


Import from Google Drive

Click "Import from Google Drive"


Click "Import from Google Drive"

Follow the on screen prompts to select your document from your Google Drive. When finished, click the Add Resource button at the bottom.


Paste text and edit if necessary

Click "Edit/Paste Text"

Paste your text in the text box and edit as necessary.


Click "Add Text"


Copy your document from the library

Click "Copy from Library"


Choose to copy the text from either the "Resource Library" or "Model Text Library"

In this example we are choosing text from the Model Text Library.


Click to highlight the row for the model text to add

You'll notice that the row color will turn from white to blue-gray.


Click "Add Text"


View your text

After adding your text, you can view it at the bottom of the assignment under Texts. Click the arrow to the left of each text to expand it.