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LaunchPad's new e-book can be printed and read offline through the e-reader.


If the steps described in this article do not match your experience with LaunchPad, however, then you probably have an older version of the e-book. Older e-books cannot be downloaded and printed to be read offline at this time. However, all future versions of LaunchPads will be released with the e-reader. For a full list of LaunchPads that can be accessed via an e-reader please see the chart at the end of this article.

Download your e-book

Please read How do I download my new e-book to read offline? to learn how to download your e-book. 

Print from your online viewer

To print your e-book from the online viewer, Right-click on the e-book and choose Print


Click the Print icon in the lower right-hand corner

Choose the print range and click Print

Note that the range of pages available for you to print will depend on your version of LaunchPad. In order to print any range of pages, please be sure to download the e-book app and print from there. To learn how to download the e-book reader, please read How do I download my new e-book to read offline?


Print from e-book viewer

Click File and then Print from the e-book Viewer.

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Choose a page range

After selecting the pages you wish to read, click Print.



List of Upcoming Fall 2017 LaunchPads with e-books readers:
CommunicationFraleigh/Tuman/Adams, Let's Communicate, 1e
CommunicationCampbell/Fabos/Martin, Media & Culture, 11e
EconomicsFeenstra/Taylor, International Economics, 4e
HandbooksHacker, A Writer's Reference, 9e
HistoryHenretta, America's History 9e
HistoryMckay/Ebrey/Beck/Haru/Crowston/Wiesner-Hanks/Davila, A History of World Societies 11e
LiteratureJago, Literature and Composition, 2e HS
MathSowder, Reconceptualizing Mathematics, 3e
MathSullivan, AP* Calculus, 2e
PsychologyBerger, Developing Person Through the Life Span 10e
PsychologyLicht/Hull/Ballantyne, Scientific American: Psychology, 9e
PsychologyNolan/Heinzen, Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, 4e
PsychologySchacter/Gilbert/Nock/Wegner, Psychology, 4e
PsychologySiegler/Eisenberg/Saffran/Gershoff, How Children Develop, 5e
PsychologySchacter, Psychology, Canadian Edition
RhetoricsPalmquist, Joining the Conversation 3e
RhetoricsBraziller/Kleinfeld, The Bedford Book of Genres, 1e
StatisticsStarnes, Statistics and Probability with Applications 3e HS
List of Upcoming Spring 2018 LaunchPads with e-books readers:
BiologyPhelan, What is Life? A Guide to Biology 4e
BiologyPhelan, What is Life? A Guide to Biology with Physiology 4e
BiologyShuster, Scientific American: Biology for a Changing World 3e
BiologyShuster, Scientific American: Biology for a Changing World with Physiology 3e
Business & Technical WritingMarkel, Technical Communication 12e
College SuccessGardner/Barefoot, Your College Experience, 13e
College SuccessGore/Leuwerke/Metz, Connections Essentials, 1e
CommunicationGunn, Speech Craft, 1e
CommunicationCorrigan/White, The Film Experience, 5e
CommunicationCampbell/Martin, Media Essentials, 4e
CommunicationO'Hair/Weimann/Mullin, Real Communication, 4e
CommunicationO'Hair/Stewart/Rubenstein, A Speaker's Guidebook, 7e
EconomicsKrugman, Microeconomics 5e
EconomicsKrugman, Macroeconomics 5e
EconomicsCowen, Modern Principles of Microeconomics 4e
EconomicsCowen, Modern Principles of Macroeconomics 4e
LiteratureShea/Scanlon/Aufses, The Language of Composition, 3e
PsychologyBerger, Developing Person through Childhood and Adolescence 11e
PsychologyComer, Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology, 10e
PsychologyGray, Psychology, 8e
PsychologyGreenburg, Social Psychology, 2e
PsychologyHockebury, Psychology, 8e
PsychologyMyers/DeWall, Psychology, 12e
PsychologyMyers, Psychology AP Edition, 3e
PsychologyPomerantz, My Psychology, 1e
PsychologySchacter, Introducing Psychology, 4e
PsychologySiegler/Eisenberg/Saffran/Gershoff, How Children Develop, 5e, Canadian
ReadersGreeene/Lidinsky, From Inquiry to Academic Writing, 4e
ReadersRosa/Eschholz, Models for Writers, 13e
ReadersKirszner, Patterns for College Writing, 14e
ReadersGolden/Scholz/Shea, Foundations of Language and Literature, 1e HS
ReadersShea/Scanlon/Aufses, The Language of Composition, 3e HS
RhetoricsThe Loop, LaunchPad Online Modules
RhetoricsAxelrod/Cooper, The Concise St. Martin's Guide to Writing, 8e
RhetoricsTaylor Becoming a College Writer, 1e (releases September, 2018)
RhetoricsMcWhorter, Successful College Writing 7e
RhetoricsBall/Sheppard/Arola, Writer/Designer, 2e
PsychologyMyers/DeWall, Psychology in Modules, 12e