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LaunchPads released in June 2017 or later, Achieve courses, and some Sapling Learning courses feature a new e-book interface that simplifies highlighting and notetaking.

If the below instructions do not match with your experience in LaunchPad, refer to these help articles:
If the below instructions do not match with your experience in Sapling Learning, refer to VitalSource Bookshelf Online support, or these help articles:

Add Highlight

To highlight, simply click and drag your cursor over the text you want to highlight. A menu will appear on your screen allowing you to select colors. Click on the color of your choice, then click Add Highlight.

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Edit highlights

Click on an existing highlight to edit it. You can change its color, add a note, or remove it. To remove it, click the current color of the highlight, which has an X over it.

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Add Note

Adding a note also begins with you clicking and dragging your cursor over a selection of text. Click Add Note to open a text area where you can type your note.

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When finished with your note, click Save. If you decide you don't need a note after all, click Cancel

Read notes

Any notes you create will appear as a highlight in the text, with a small square in the margin to the left of the highlight. Click on the square to read the note.

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Edit notes

When reading a note, click the three dots (...) in the upper right-hand corner to edit it. Click Edit Note to change the text of your note, or select a color next to Change Highlight to change the highlight color. If you select the current highlight color with an X over it, you will remove your note. You can also remove your note by clicking Delete.

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