How to Run Demographics Questions in iClicker Classic

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Update demographics settings

Before running demographics questions during a polling session, visit the demographics tab of your iClicker course settings and update your demographics settings.

Select questions

Demographics selections must be collected before any polling questions that you would like to apply this information to. While in a session, click the Settings icon from the polling toolbar. From the drop-down menu, you can choose to either Run All Demographics questions (which will go though every question in the Selected Questions list) or to Select Demographics Questions individually.

Note: If you choose to run all demographics questions, you need to end each question individually in order for the next question to begin, unless you have chosen to auto-advance your questions in the demographics section of your course settings.

Capture demographics data during polls

After demographics questions have been asked, this data can be used in class polls. After running a poll, click on the Results Chart, and then choose the Demographics drop-down menu. Here you should see all the demographics questions you may have asked during class. Now you can choose one to segment by. 

Note: if you have not yet run any demographics questions, iClicker will notify you that you need to do so in order to view demographics data in the Results Chart.

You can only segment by one demographics question at a time. If you choose a question that you have not collected information for, the original results chart will remain displayed. A tab for this demographics question will also show in the Gradebook, but it will not have any segmented information as no data was collected.

If the number of students who participate in the demographics question is less than the number who participate in the polling question, you may see an additional color in the segmented graph representing those for whom there is no demographics information.

View polls with demographics segmentations in the gradebook

Because Demographics questions are meant to collect anonymous information, you will not see the Demographics questions and responses in your Gradebook. You will only see Demographics information if you choose to apply a Demographics filter to a poll in the Results Chart while still in a session.

To view these images in your Gradebook, select Open Gradebook from the iClicker Classic home screen. Choose the session you wish to see and click the View hyperlink. Then select the question you’d like to see in the left-hand column and click the View Chart button. Once the chart opens you will see tabs at the top starting with Responses and continuing with any Demographics filters you applied during the session.