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View questions and answers in the "Item Analysis" tab

Open the mobile assignment that you want to change the scores for and click the Item Analysis tab.

Navigate to the question you want to view answers for

You can select a question to view by clicking on the question number from the list at the left, or you can view questions one by one by clicking on the arrows at the top.

Note the total number of students who have responded to each question

Beside the question number in the left column is a green checkmark icon, followed by two numbers. The first number represents the total number of students that answered this question correctly, and the second number represents the total number of students that have responded to this question.

In the example below, 11 out of 21 (11/21) students answered question #1 correctly.

Please note that this information is based on the student's most recent attempt. If a student answers a question incorrectly before getting the correct answer on their second attempt, the first (incorrect) answer would not be included in the Item Analysis tab. To learn how to view a student's previous attempts, see the help article Viewing Work on Mobile Assignments.

Note the number of correct, incorrect, and unanswered for each question

At the very top of each question you will see a colored bar with a green section for Correct, a red section for Incorrect, and a grey section for Unanswered. The number in parentheses to the right of Correct, Incorrect, and Unanswered is the number of students who got the question correct, incorrect, or did not answer. 

In the example below, 11 students got the question correct, 10 got in incorrect, and 15 have not answered.

Click on a section of the bar to view the answer and students who gave it

In the example below, the instructor clicked on the green Correct section. The correct answer is displayed in the question pane below. Below that, in the Student Responses pane, you can see the names of all students who gave the correct answer.

The red (Incorrect) section may be broken up into several sections if there are multiple Incorrect tabs for the question. In this case, clicking on a specific section will show the corresponding incorrect answer. 

Please note: Incorrect sections and tabs are numbered, but the number of the section does not necessarily correspond with the number of the tab. In the example below, the bar shows Incorrect 5 upon hovering, while the tab that appears when this section is clicked is INC 3. Rest assured that the incorrect tab displayed matches the listed students' answers, even if the number of the tab does not match.