Class Activity: Overcoming Unsuccessful Student Behaviors

Document created by Melanie McFadyen on Nov 30, 2017
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Goal: Students who engage in self-destructive behaviors are often unable to complete a college degree. Have students practice recognizing those self-destructive behaviors and the Emotional Intelligence Competencies that will help them change or overcome such behaviors.


1. Present students with the following list of Unsuccessful Student Behaviors and EI Competencies. Have students match the behaviors with the competencies that will help them change or overcome the behaviors.



Unsuccessful Student Behavior

Related El Competency

1. Experience stress and do not handle it well

A. Emotional self-awareness

2. Frequently feel overwhelmed

B. Self-regard

3. Don’t get along with others

C. Assertiveness

4. Give up easily

D. Independence

5. Engage in destructive behaviors such as binge drinking and drugs

E. Self-actualization

6. Act very impulsively

F. Reality testing

7. Are not able to solve problems

G. Flexibility

8. Are overly dependent on others

H. Problem solving

9. Show unethical behaviors such as binge drinking and drugs

I. Stress tolerance

10. Have trouble working in teams

J. Impulse control

11. Have very stereotypical views of others and are unaware of their biases and unwilling to change

K. Empathy

12. Are often sad

L. Social responsibility

13. Are not optimistic

M. Interpersonal relationship

14. Have an “I can’t” attitude


15. Blame others for their problems


16. Think they will get a 4.0 GPA but have missed many classes


17. Have a hard time making decisions without input from others




2. Share the results as a group in class. Ask students if they can think of other unsuccessful behaviors and propose solutions to overcome them.