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Open the Read & Practice activity from your course. Each activity begins with a selection of readings you must complete before you take the quiz.

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Click through each section to do your reading. While reading, you can highlight and take notes in your e-book. The system will check off each section as you read.

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When you’ve finished all of the sections, you unlock your quiz.

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The quiz presents you with one question at a time. As soon as you click on an answer choice, you receive feedback for that choice. You are able to build up your score by answering correctly.

Questions in each quiz are divided into levels. If you get a question correct without hints, the next question for that topic will come from the next most difficult level. In this way, the quiz adapts to your needs and is able to adjust its level of difficulty based on your performance.

Helpful Tips

The quiz offers many helpful tips to assist you during an activity. Take care to avoid relying too much on these assistants. Learning new concepts depends on your ability to work through these questions on your own.


Each question includes a cross-reference to instructional material, either to your print books or to online content.

Use this link to get help answering the question. Unlike the Show answer or Get a hint buttons, the cross-reference link won’t reduce the number of points you can earn.

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The Get a Hint option either provides a quick tip to help you answer a question, or it removes an incorrect answer choice and explains why a removed answer is incorrect.

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If you answer a question incorrectly, you'll receive feedback about that answer.

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Show Answer

If the question is too difficult, you can click Show Answer to see the answer. However, no points are awarded and you will continue to see questions from that same topic and difficulty level.

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Scoring Explained

Your points are shown at the top of the screen.

When you select the correct answer on your first try, you receive the full points available for that question. If you don't answer the question correctly on the first try, you can try again! The number of points you can potentially earn will decrease with each incorrect answer, but you can still earn points on the second and third tries, so don't give up! Even if you are unable to earn points for a particular question, you'll never lose points that you have already earned.

Potential Points

The faintly colored bars indicate the potential points you can receive for answering the question correctly.

Current Score

The dark section represents your current score. Remember, the goal is to keep answering questions until the target score of the activity is reached and the score bar is completely filled.

Additional Practice

After you’ve finished the quiz, you’ll receive full credit for the activity. You’ll also come to a study plan screen that provides your overall accuracy score. It also provides a list of e-book sections you struggled with, listed in red.

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Click each reading in red to re-read that content. And complete a brief Check Your Understanding quiz to see if you now understand the content in that section.

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Once you’ve re-read and checked your understanding on each section, you can unlock a practice quiz. The practice quiz won’t impact your grade, but it will allow you to keep working on the material, so you can deepen your knowledge.

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Keep repeating this process and practicing! Hopefully you will see your accuracy score improve over time.