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New e-books in LaunchPad, Sapling Learning, and Achieve now have a notebook feature, which allows you to view all of your notes and highlights in one place. This notebook even keeps track of the notes you make when you're reading your e-book offline. Any changes to notes or highlights that you make in the e-book will be reflected in the notebook, and vice versa.

Open the notebook

If your e-book has the notebook feature, you will see a Notebook tab at the top of your e-book page. Click it to access the notebook.


View highlights and notes

Any notes and/or highlights you've made will appear in a list here.


Sort list

The list is automatically sorted to show the newest notes and highlights first, but you can change the sort to show oldest first by selecting Oldest from the Sort by drop-down.


Filter list

You can also filter the list by highlight color. Click Highlight Color to open the Filter by drop-down. Then check the box for each highlight color you'd like to show.


Add, edit, or delete notes

You can add a note to an existing highlight by clicking Add Note above the highlight. This link will say Edit Note if your highlight already has a note attached to it.

Enter your note and click Save to save it. To delete a note, click Edit Note, then delete the text of the note and click Save.


Delete highlights

To delete a highlight from your notebook (and from your e-book at the same time) click on the Delete link above the highlight.