Faculty Consultant for Physics - Jim Hamm, Big Bend Community College

Document created by Becky Anderson Employee on Nov 28, 2017
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Jim HammName: Jim Hamm    

Department: Mathematics and Science

School: Big Bend Community College

Product: Sapling online homework system for physics

How do you use Sapling Learning? I use it for weekly homework assignments in my physics classes. I’m still in the process of developing how I use it (a process that will probably continue until I retire), but I’m pretty well settled on a couple of problems that are basic “plug and chug” for each day’s material, then a few more challenging problems each week that might pull things together from more than one topic.

Advice on Using Technology with Students:  Try to be as consistent with your due dates and times as you can, so students can plan their schedules accordingly. I usually try to make assignments due at 11:55 p.m., and the students have gotten accustomed to this time. Also, learn what you can about authoring questions. It’s a useful skill. I don’t often write problems from scratch, but sometimes I will make small modifications to existing problems, and having learned about question authoring I have an easier time with it.