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Edit scores in "Student Analysis" tab

Open the mobile assignment that you want to change the scores for and click the Student Analysis tab.


Click on the student's name to view answers

Before editing scores, you can view a student's responses by clicking on their name. This will open their assignment in a new tab. If you need to refer to the student's answers while adjusting their scores, just leave this tab open as a reference. 

Click "Edit"

Click the Edit button at the top right to begin editing scores.

Select the scores you want to edit

You can select:

  1. a student (row) 
  2. a question (column)
  3. a student’s result for a specific question (cell)

You can also select multiple or all students using the checkboxes at the left.

Please note: If you select a student (row), you will be editing that student's scores for all questions. Likewise, if you select a question (column), you will be editing the score on that question for all students.


Change scores

After selecting a row, column, or cell, three options appear as buttons at the top of the table: 

  1. Reset Attempts - reset attempts for the student(s) on the selected question(s)
  2. Mark Full Credit - give the student(s) 100% on the selected question(s)
  3. Mark Partial Credit - give the student(s) partial credit on the selected question(s)


Partial Credit

Selecting Mark Partial Credit brings up the Edit Grades menu. On the left is the student's Name, the Question number, current State for the student (either Correct or Incorrect), and the student's Score. On the right is the option to Edit the score to Correct or Incorrect, and input the New Grade as a percentage.

Note: This menu may contain many rows if you are editing a row or a column.

After editing

Once a score is edited, you will see the updated score in this tab as well as in the gradebook.

An option appears at the top to show original if you want to see the students’ scores prior to your changes. Clicking this link will not revert the scores back to the original, it will just show you the original scores. This link will remain on the page even after you navigate away.