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Click on the image to view the video.

Once you have collected some data, you can view it in various ways.

Select area of graph to see data values

Click on the bar graph icon in the toolbar to begin making data selections in your graph.

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Click and drag to select an area of your graph. Data values for the mean, standard deviation, area under the curve, and slope will automatically be displayed above the graph.

Left-clicking without dragging will move the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) region (shaded gray) when FFT analysis is enabled.

Double-click the graph with the graph icon selected to clear your selection from the graph.

Zoom in

You can zoom in on a specific area of the graph by clicking the zoom button in the toolbar. If you prefer, you can use the drop-down menu on this button to zoom in horizontally or vertically only.

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Click and drag around an area to zoom in on it.

Click anywhere in the graph with the zoom icon selected to undo your zoom. If you have zoomed in multiple times, each click will undo your most recent zoom.

Zoom is not yet enabled for the FFT display.


To adjust your view of the graph horizontally or vertically, use the pan button.

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Click and drag the graph to move it within the viewer.

Take snapshots

Below the sensor checklist on the left side is a Snapshots area. Click Take a new snapshot to capture your current view of your graph. Add a comment to your snapshot and click Save. You can return to the view in your snapshot at any time by clicking on it.

View other graphs

If you want to view data that you collected previously, click on the file folder icon.

This will bring up a list of previous acquisitions. Click on one to bring it up in the main viewer.

View data files

After you run the application for the first time and acquire some data, you will see that a folder called IOLab-Workfiles has been created in your Documents folder. This is where the application stores all data, calibrations, lessons, and lab reports. This folder will not be removed or changed when you delete or update the iOLab application.