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For the most part, your iOLab should pair automatically with the included dongle. You can tell the device is paired when the green lights on the left and right flash in an alternating pattern.

In a classroom setting, it’s possible to switch dongles between two iOLab devices, which would cause you to need to pair the device with the new dongle. If this is the case, the lights on your iOLab device will flash at the same time instead of in an alternating pattern. This indicates that you need to update the pairing for your device.

You will see this iOLab remote message in the status bar:

"Remote 1: Not Paired"
Click on this iOLab remote message in the status bar to begin re-pairing your device. A pop-up message will appear with further instructions. Make sure to place the remote in discover mode before clicking Find Remote.

To place the remote in discover mode, start with the remote turned off. Next, press and hold the + button while turning on the remote. Continue to hold the + button until it begins flashing rapidly in three-increment spurts.