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You now have the option to hide assignments from students. When an assignment or resource is hidden, it is only visible to instructors in the course.

Edit Visibility

Click the three dots icon to the right of the assignment you want to hide, then click Edit Visibility.

Select an option

The default is Make activity visible for the entirety of the course.

You can also Hide activity for the entirety of the course. If you need a resource hidden right away, but you are not sure how long it should be hidden, you can select this option, then edit your selection later to make the assignment visible again. This option is also useful for hiding any instructor-only resources you may have in your course.

The last option is Customize activity visibility. This allows you to select a range of dates for which the assignment will be visible.

Assignment cannot be hidden when it is due

If you are trying to hide an assignment that has a due date, or if you are trying to assign a hidden resource, you may see an error message that says Assignment cannot be hidden when it is due.

To fix this, adjust the date that the assignment is due, or the dates that it is hidden, so there is no overlap between hidden and due dates. In other words, the due date should fall within the visible date range. Many instructors choose to make the due date correspond to the final visible date, so the assignment will immediately be hidden after it is due.