iOLab > I plugged the dongle in and turned the remote on, but I can't collect data!

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If you are having trouble getting your iOLab to connect to your computer, here are some possible solutions.

Look at the software status bar

The black bar at the top of the iOLab software is a helpful tool for troubleshooting problems with connecting the iOLab remote. When you have one iOLab remote connected and functioning properly, the status bar should look like the image below.

Dongle status is Connected. Remote 1 is turned on and showing a power reading of 2.99V.

Problems indicated by the dongle status:

Status indicationMeaningPotential Solution(s)
The dongle is not plugged in or you have not installed the driver (Windows).
  1. Plug in the dongle.
  2. Install the driver.
  3. Use a different USB port on your computer.

The dongle is plugged in and recognized by your computer, but it is not connected to an iOLab remote.
  1. Turn on your iOLab remote.
  2. Pair your iOLab remote to a dongle.

The dongle is plugged in and connected to an iOLab remote.
  1. Turn your iOLab remote off and then on again.
  2. Hold down the power button  until the light turns red. Press it again to power the remote.