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Instructors can copy any current or previous course for which they have instructor access to use in a current or future term. A duplicate course will have all of the same assignments, settings, and groups as the original course.

Duplicate Course

From your main course page, click or hover your mouse over Course Management and click Duplicate Course.

Select the course Start Date, corresponding to the first day of class. If the course has already begun, select today's date.

Select the Term.

The New Course Name will automatically update to reflect the selected Term, and will also include the Institution, Course Abbreviation, and Instructor name.

If you wish to edit the course abbreviation or add optional course information such as the section number, click Course Name Options, then enter the information in the appropriate field.

Please note that information entered in the Section Number and Miscellaneous Information fields will replace, not append to, the default course abbreviation in the New Course Name. To include the course abbreviation as well as the section number, make sure to add the Course Abbreviation and the section number.

You will automatically be given Instructor access to the duplicate course, but if you’d like any other instructors and teaching assistants who are already enrolled as instructors in the current course to have access to the duplicate course, click the checkbox under Roles.

All assignments in the duplicate course will be hidden from students by default. Uncheck the box under Activities to make the visibility settings match those in the current course.

If you have any information that you would like your Client Success Specialist to know about your course, such as any TAs that you would like added to the course or if you are changing textbooks, you can add that information to the Notes for the Client Success team section.

Click Duplicate.

The duplicate course is available to you to review and edit, but is not automatically accessible to students. A member of the Client Success team will check your course settings, let you know when the course is available to students, and send you the relevant sign-up instructions for distribution to your class.