Class Activity: Love Languages

Document created by Melanie McFadyen on Feb 13, 2018
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GoalTo get student thinking about the ways in which we can effectively show our affection for others and communicate our preferences for types of expression from our loved ones. If you're not already familiar with the concept of love languages, read our blog about it here.


1. Before coming to class, have students determine their "love language" on the following website: 


2. In class, have students write for ten minutes on their love language, answering the following question:

  • Was your love language surprising to you?
  • What is important about knowing your love language?
  • How can knowing someone's love language enhance a relationship?


3. Break students up into pairs, making sure that each person has a partner who has a different primary love language (you may split students up into larger groups if necessary). Have each pair compare and contrast their personal love languages. Then have them brainstorm ways they can give or receive love with their perspective love languages in mind.


4. Finally, discuss the exercise with a group, asking students to identify the benefits of knowing your love language. Were students overall surprised by the quiz? How do they feel about the theory of the five love languages overall?