iClicker Cloud Mobile App User Guide

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Verify your iClicker Cloud Desktop software version

In order to use iClicker Cloud Mobile, you must have the latest iClicker Cloud desktop software. Only iClicker Cloud (Win/Mac) 4.2.2 or newer support communication with the iClicker Cloud mobile app. Verify which version of the desktop software you are using and update to the most recent version of iClicker Cloud, if needed.

Download iClicker Mobile

On your mobile device, download iClicker Cloud Mobile from the App Store or Google Play. Sign into the app using the same account credentials you use for the iClicker Cloud desktop software and instructor website.

Start a polling session

Launch the iClicker Cloud desktop software on your computer, click on the correct course, then click the green Start Polling Session button. Once the floating menu has launched, the iClicker Cloud Mobile app will detect that a polling session is running and you will see your course appear on the Courses screen of the app. Select your course name to take control of the session with the iClicker Cloud Mobile app.

Remote options

Once an active polling session is selected, the Remote options can be used to control of the desktop software. This allows you to select the question type and start/stop polling questions from the mobile app. 

We recommend opening the polling toolbar from your desktop software and positioning it where you want it to appear on your desktop before moving away from the computer to use iClicker Mobile’s Remote. Otherwise, the polling toolbar may open in an inconvenient location on the desktop. 

You should also launch into full-screen presentation mode on your desktop before moving away from the computer to use iClicker Cloud Mobile’s Remote. The iClicker Cloud Mobile remote controls offer left and right arrow buttons to navigate through your computer presentation (PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, etc.) when in full-screen presentation mode.

When a poll is active, a thumbnail of the computer screenshot appears at the bottom of the screen along with the number of responses and the timer. The screenshot will appear in iClicker Cloud Mobile even if you are not sharing images with your students.

Viewing Results

In iClicker Cloud Mobile, you can view real-time results from the Results section of the app during a polling section and grade the results once the poll is closed. Tap a response to toggle it from correct to incorrect to ungraded.

When graded, the results will change colors and a check mark appears on the question in the Questions list section. Select the Toggle Results on Desktop button to show or hide the Results window with the class.


When students join your session with iClicker Reef or submit a vote with an iClicker remote, their names appear in the Attendees list. Unregistered iClicker remotes will also appear in the Attendees list. A check mark will appear for each student/clicker that has responded to the current polling question.


You can review and grade previous questions asked during the polling session in the Questions section. Scroll through the questions and select a question to view its image and results. A green check mark on the question indicates that it has been graded.

More options

Additional controls and options are found in the More section of the app.
  • Polling Session
    • Ending the polling session will close the session, but it will not close the iClicker Cloud desktop software.
  • Anonymous
    • Turn on Anonymous mode to record aggregated results that cannot be tied to an individual. You will know who responded to award participation, but not how an individual responded. Anonymous questions cannot be graded.
  • Time limit
    • Set a time limit to automatically end polling. Unlike the desktop software, the counter cannot be manually closed and will count up until the time ends.
  • Color Settings
    • Choose a light or dark theme for iClicker Mobile to work with your classroom’s lighting.

iClicker Cloud Mobile known issues

  • A best response cannot be specified for Short Answer and Numeric questions using the mobile app.
  • Selecting “Other” response when grading Short Answer and Numeric questions with the mobile app does not properly translate to the desktop.
  • The mobile app timer counts up rather than down when set to auto-stop after a specific time.
  • Ending the session using the mobile app will not give instructors the Exit Polling options and does not open a window with a prompt to ask an Exit Poll/confirm ending the session.
  • Grading the results using Cloud Mobile does not update the desktop results until after the session ends.