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LaunchPad contains resources for you and your students. In this tutorial, we'll take a detailed look at both types separately. Let's begin with student resources. Click the following link to go to the landing page of LaunchPad for Speech Craft.

What resources are available for my students?

From your LaunchPad home page, click Resources, then Content by Type. You'll see a list of all the resources available to your students. We'll now take a closer look at each.


LaunchPad's e-Book integrates the text with an assortment of media-powered learning tools and includes every word on every page of the printed text, including all of Speech Craft’s exclusive and engaging images and pedagogical tools. Students can highlight and comment, making it easier to access key content and organize studying. Teachers can customize and rearrange chapters and add notes and discussions.

Video Assessment Program

Speech Craft’s new video assessment program helps instructors provide immediate feedback while easily managing the video process in their courses. The assessment is simple to use with superior commenting, recording, and rubric functionalities.

Features include:
  • Multiple comment delivery options for rich feedback. Instructors and students can submit text comments as well as post audio, video, documents, or images as feedback.
  • Visual markers map the pluses and minuses of the speech. Easy-to-set-up markers make it possible for instructors and students to call out key issues or positive points of the video. You can track every “um,” every speech citation, every use of eye contact, and students will see these markers mapped visually against their speech video.
  • Descriptive rubrics and publisher-provided rubrics provide crystal-clear assessment. The rubrics in the video assessment program provide more than just a number score for each criteria; they include written information on what each score means, (i.e. what a 1 means, what a 2 means, etc.). Instructors can create and edit their own rubrics, or they can use or edit full publisher-provided versions.
  • Instructors can record each student’s speech directly into the assignment and assess it live while the student is giving the speech. When the speech is done, the instructor is done with their assessment. Because the grading work of the class is done at the end of the class hour, instructors get their lives back.
  • Students can see their video powerfully, paired immediately with instructor feedback.
  • Mobile device-friendly. Video can be recorded on a mobile device and loaded directly into an assignment via iOS/Android apps.
  • Live streaming. Online speech classes can live-stream their speeches while the instructor and class assesses it in the moment, providing students the experience of giving a live speech.

Videos and Video Activities

More than 100 videos, including clips and full speeches, provide guidance and examples of the dos and don'ts of public speaking, as well as demonstrations of key terms. Dozens of videos also include discussion questions for in-class or at-home work.

New Speech Craft Full-length Speech Videos
  • Full Informative Speech: Filoso, The Science of Dreams
  • Full Informative Speech: Gunn, Car Cookery (Based on a speech Josh Gunn wrote when he first took public speaking.)

Digital Dive Activities

These activities use video, audio, or documents to engage students with the foundational tenets of public speaking.

  • Claim vs. Thesis
  • Is There Any Speech That Is Not Persuasive?
  • A First Teacher of Public Speaking: Gorgias
  • Using Aristotle’s Triangle to Analyze Speeches
  • Outlining Challenge! To Selfie or Not to Selfie?
  • Finding Inspiration for Your Speech
  • The Three “Hecks” of Internet Source Reliability
  • Examining Testimony
  • Appealing to Audiences of All Ages
  • Arresting Developments: Protesting and the Police
  • Conclusions About Conclusions
  • Ethical Considerations for Speaking in the Workplace
  • Plagiarism Is Just Plain Nasty
  • From Where You Say It: Feeling Accents and Dialects
  • The Toast: The Ubiquitous Speech of Honor and Goodwill
  • Tips for Do-It-Yourself Home Video Lighting
  • The Effect of Repetition and Rhythm
  • Understanding the Slide


Each Speech Craft chapter features LearningCurve, an adaptive quizzing system that helps students identify what subjects they've mastered and where they need additional studying in a game-like format.

Chapter Quizzes

Each chapter has a multiple-choice review quiz for students to complete.

Visually Annotated Sample Speeches

  • Eulogy for Opal Jeannette Gresham (e-book)
  • South Carolina State Representative Jenny Anderson Horne: Statement to South Carolina House of Representatives


Sample Annotated Speech Appendix

  • Statement before the Fourth Committee of the United Nations, Senator Jeton Anjain of Rongelap Atoll
  • Commencement Speech at Wellesley High School, David McCullough, Jr.
  • Sample Speech Discussion Questions



  • Personal Report of Communication Apprehension (PRCA)
  • Personal Report of Public Speaking Anxiety (PRPSA)

What resources are available for instructors?

From the same screen where you've been viewing student resources, you can scroll down to see those available to instructors. Let's now take a closer look at each.

Instructor Resources

  • Digital Dive suggested answers
  • Informative Speech Assignment
  • Informative Speech Evaluation Sheet
  • Persuasive Speech Assignment
  • Persuasive Speech Evaluation Sheet (live speech)
  • Persuasive Speech: Evaluation Sheet (recorded speech)
  • Sample Speech Appendix: Discussion Questions with suggested answers
  • Toast Speech Evaluation Sheet

Instructor’s Manual

Written by Laura Sells, Josh Gunn’s mentor
  • Chapter Objectives
  • Chapter Outlines
  • Key Terms
  • Chapter Summaries
  • Discussion Questions
  • Activities for in-class work or homework
  • Teaching Tips
  • Presentation Ideas
  • Sample Syllabus
  • More Resources

Lecture Slides 

Unique lecture slides based on Josh Gunn’s own classroom slides incorporate illustrations from the book.

Test Bank

Speech Craft offers a complete testing program that is available for Windows and Macintosh environments. Each chapter includes multiple choice, true/false, short-answer, and essay questions.