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Once a student submits an attempt in a Homework assignment, the assignment becomes locked. A Homework assignment also becomes locked when you answer a question as a student in View as Student mode.

If you try to edit a question on the assignment, you will see an error message: "A student has already started this homework. You may no longer edit the homework."

You will no longer be able to edit which questions are in the assignment or the question settings, but the content of the questions (including the tolerance for numeric answers) can still be edited.

Edit question content in one of two ways

  1. Using an existing branched hierarchy for your course(s) - Editing question content in the parent/master course (without student enrollment) will also make the edits appear in any branch courses.
    • Note that this method is only useful if you have already set up a branched course structure as shown in the help article How can I review Homework activities as a student?. If you did not set this up before your assignment was locked, see method #2 below.
    • To edit question content in the parent course, follow the instructions in the help article How do I edit a quiz question?.
    • Caution: Changes in the selection of questions and homework settings will also flow to branches, but may cause grading irregularities. We strongly recommend against changing any settings in the parent course once students have begun working on the assignment in a branch course.
  2. Using a hidden quiz with a copy of the question you want to edit - Editing a question's content in a separate quiz in the same course will also make the edits appear in the original Homework assignment. Read on for more instructions on how to do this.


Create a quiz for editing question copies

Add a new quiz to your course. Title the quiz something like Quiz for editing questions in locked homework. This quiz can be used for the entire semester for all question edits.

Hide quiz

Go to the Settings tab and set the visibility to Hide from students.

Add question to edit

Locate the question from your Homework assignment in the Questions tab and add it to your quiz. In the right column, hover over the question and click Edit.

Edit the question

Make your changes and click Save. Any changes you make to the question here will also appear in the same question in the locked Homework assignment.

What to expect after editing

Please advise students who saved a question that was flawed to submit that question and choose to retry. Then they will see your edited version.

Assuming students have made submissions with both versions of the question, the gradebook will show statistics for both versions of the question (Q 1a and Q 1b in the image below). If the first version is flawed, you can exclude it from being graded. This gives all students who answered the first version full credit for that question.


Note: If you would prefer to have tech support make these changes for you, please contact them with a well-explained description of the edit you would like made. Please allow 24-48 hours for the change to be made.