Classic Experience: Sakai Integration

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LTI Setup

The integration of the Intellus Learning platform into Sakai will need to be initiated by a campus user with administrative privileges in Sakai.
  1. Log into Sakai
  2. Navigate to Site Info
  3. Select External Tools
  4. Click Install LTI 1.1 Tool
  5. Fill out the following information:
    1. Tool Title (Above the tool): Intellus Learning
    2. Allow tool title to be changed: Allow
    3. Button Text (Text in tool menu): Intellus Learning
    4. Allow button text to be changed: Do not allow
    5. Description: leave blank
    6. Tool Status: Enabled
    7. Launch URL:
    8. Allow launch URL to be changed: Allow
    9. Launch Key: to be provided
    10. Allow launch key to be changed: Do not allow
    11. Launch Secret: to be provided
    12. Allow launch secret to be changed: Do not allow
    13. Allow frame height to be changed: Do not allow
    14. Privacy settings:
      1. Send User Names to External Tool: check
      2. Sent Email Addresses to External Tool: check
    15. Services:
      1. Provide Roster to External Tool: check
      2. Allow External Tool to store setting data: check
    16. Indicate the following types of Content Item Selection launches this tool can handle.
      1. Allow the tool to be launched as a link (this is typically true for most tools): check
      2. Allow external tool to configure itself (the tool must support the IMS Content-Item message): check
    17. Launch in Popup: Never launch in Popup
    18. Debug Launch: Never launch in debug mode
    19. Custom Parameters: minitags=true
  6. Click Save

Course-Level Integration

Once the LTI is configured, faculty can publish their Intellus Learning content into their courses in Sakai.
  1. From Intellus, navigate to the Publish section of your course. Click Export/Publish, select Course Widget, and click Publish.
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  1. Identify the course integration ID of your course
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  1. Log into Sakai, and navigate to your course
  2. Go to Site Info
  3. Select Manage Tools
  4. Be sure that Lessons is checked and click Continue
  5. Click on Lessons in the left navigation menu
  6. Click Add Content
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  1. Select Add External Tool
  2. Select Intellus Learning
  3. Complete the following information:
    1. Tool Title: the text you want students to click on to access materials (ex: Course Resources)
    2. Launch URL: (Replace the ##### with the course integration ID from your Intellus course)
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  1. Click Save