How to Use Study Tools in Reef

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With iClicker Reef's Study Tools, students can now flag questions from past polling sessions and create flashcards or a practice test to study what was covered in class. Questions can only be added to Study Tools if the instructor shares question images with the class. To create and use Study Tools, sign in to iClicker Reef through the web application or your mobile device, select your instructor's course, and follow the steps below.

Flag a question

From the Course History section, select a past polling session.

From that session, select the question of your choice and flag it by tapping the flag icon in the upper right-hand corner of the question tile.

Navigating Study Tools

Access the study tools section of your course in Reef from the main screen of your course. Select "Study Tools" in the bottom right-hand corner. If you have flagged questions, you will see options for Flashcards, Practice Test, and Manage Questions. If you have not yet flagged questions, you will see a screen that reads "You don't have any questions yet."

Using Flashcards

Select Flashcards to access the questions you flagged. The front side contains the question image and the back contains the correct answer. Simply tap the flashcard to flip it over.

Take a Practice Test

You can quiz yourself on the questions you've flagged by selecting Practice Test. Submit your answers for each question and immediately find out if your answer was correct or incorrect. Move on to the next question when you're ready.

After you complete a Practice Test, you will see a summary of your performance. You can choose to take the Practice Test again with all the questions or just the ones you missed. You can also choose to exit the Practice Test and return to the Study Tools screen.

Manage questions

You can manage the questions you've flagged for the Study Tools section by selecting Manage Questions. Then, select Edit and choose any questions you'd like to remove from Study Tools.

Select Remove and those questions will no longer appear in Flashcards or the Practice Test. You can add these questions back again from your Course History if needed.