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This article will cover questions that are labeled Short Answer or Fill in the Blank in the questions list.

If a question is labeled Advanced, please refer to the help article How do I change the tolerance for numeric answers?.

Edit the question to change its tolerance

For instructions on how to start editing a question in a quiz or homework assignment, see the following help articles:

View question properties

View a question's properties by clicking the Properties link at the top. The default properties for short answer questions are generally Case insensitive and Multiple correct answers. These default properties will require that students enter an exact answer as shown in the answer box, as text.

There are two ways to increase tolerance.

Method 1: Add answer options to the answer field

This method uses the default question properties shown above.

Here is an example answer field that shows one exact answer for the question:

Answer box showing .4185 and 0.4185 as possible answers
To add a tolerance of .0001, you would add possible answers by typing them in the answer field and pressing the Enter or Return key after each answer.

Answer box showing possible answers of .4185, 0.4185, .4186, 0.4186, .4184, 0.4184
Students must enter one of these answers exactly for their answer to be marked as correct. This means that if they use the wrong number of decimal places, they will get the question wrong. Make sure that the question or assignment instructions make it clear how many decimal places they will be required to show for each answer.

Method 2: Change the "Properties" choice to "Numeric"

Questions with the Numeric property selected accept answers within 1% of the exact answer. Using the exact answer 0.4185 from the example above would give us an acceptable answer range of 0.4143 to 0.4227. This includes answers with more than four decimal places showing, such as 0.41431. 

To use this method, make sure the Numeric property is selected in the Question Properties. Only the exact answer should be shown in the answer box.

When using this method, it is not recommended you use the Significant Figures field. The 1% tolerance range is based on the significant digits, and creates allowable answers that students may not understand well.

For example:
If the correct answer is 24000, with 2 significant digits, only 24000 would be accepted as correct.
If the correct answer is 24000, with 3 significant digits, only the answers of 24000, 24100, 23900, 24200, and 23800 would be accepted as correct. The tens and ones places would have to contain zeros.

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