Class Activity: Social Advocacy Exercises

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Goal: To get students thinking about ways in which they can advocate for social change. Examples include crafting social media campaigns, researching non-profits and causes, and crafting persuasive messages.


1. Social Advocacy and Social Media

This assignment showcases how social media can be used for social advocacy.

   Preparing for the Assignment

       Divide the class into small groups.

       Assign each group a specific social media platform.

   Assignment Instructions: 

      As a group, research examples of how your assigned social media platform has been used in social advocacy. You are sure to find an overwhelming amount of       information, so focus on a few examples that interest you most. Prepare a 2- to 3-minute presentation on your findings.


2. Advocating for Change

This assignment provides students with experience putting together a message to support a cause and creating an online presentation.

   Assignment Instructions:

      As a group, select a nonprofit cause you are interested in. Examples include education, animal rights, health and medicine, seniors, veterans, and the environment, among       others. Develop a unified message (mini-presentation), and launch social media campaign to promote your cause. You may use any social media site. Your campaign       length will vary depending on your message and platform. In general, most campaigns should consist of 8–12 posts. Take screen shots of your messages and relevant       comments to put together a short (1-minute) online presentation of your campaign and feedback.


3. Nonprofits and Social Change

This assignment helps students better understand different ways to advocate for a cause.

   Assignment Instructions:

      Today, there are countless organizations that advocate for a specific cause. Your task is to research a particular nonprofit organization of your choice and prepare a 4- to 5-       minute presentation in which you explain the methods the organization uses to spread its message.


These examples come from the instructor's resource manual of Joshua Gunn's Speech Craft, first edition. For more information, please go the Speech Craft catalog page here.