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Credibility is a term that has been used in most cases to describe an actual appearances of information that have significant influence to the receiver of a message. It involves competence, character, composure, and sociability of the information (Xiang and Gretzel 183). To attain credibility, sources of information should be reliable and trustworthy. It enables the audience to have a sense of connection with the author, if the information provided presents facts and authentic experiences. Credibility sources include: education system narrated stories, hard and soft news.

Accuracy and Power

In this case, Facebook provides soft news and other material through online means (Bu et al. 3). Accurate information is one that is real, free from grammatical errors, and right. Some examples of official sources include: government sites which provide information on the organization history, mission, dates, and other related operations.

Other sources may include online magazines and journals. The information should be in a position to provide references to direct the user the place it was obtained (Xiang and Gretzel 183). Relevancy of information is the applicability of it in issues of problem solving; it can adjust the opinion of the user and, thus, help in decision making. Some of the sources include business and motivation articles.

Objectivity and Authority

In social media, it is important for one to verify information which they obtain. Facebook accounts do not promote privacy, since even strangers can access person’s information which they were not entitled to have access to. Details, such as home address and telephone number, can be obtained by anyone with the internet connection (Xiang and Gretzel 181). Strangers may begin to bother individual out of the information they have about them. Before one decides to use the information, there is a need to ensure that they have obtained it from the right sources to uphold credibility, accuracy, objectivity, currency, and power