Class Activity: Health Resources

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Goal: Familiarize students with the health and safety resources available on campus, and help them make sure that they'll know where to go should they need them.



Ask students to research campus health resources, listing available resources for physical, mental, and financial health. Students should include the obvious physical and mental health centers as well as other sources of physical activity, safety, and mental and financial health (gym, pool, fitness and defense classes, organized athletics, yoga and meditation, etc.).


Have students research when these resources are available (e.g. gym hours), how to access these resources, and what steps they can take to make sure they actually use these resources when necessary (like adding the numbers of these resources to their phones). It also may be worthwhile to research off-campus alternatives for when those resources are not available (like winter break).


In-class activity: 

Break students into groups and have them each pick one type of resource to present to the class (physical health, mental health, finances, etc.). Have students choose and develop one way of communicating that information to the rest of the school. Examples may include a gym flyer, a health and safety card, a website page, door handle signs, etc. (if these resources already exist on your campus, don't share them with students until after they develop theirs). Have students include any information they feel their peers should know about these resources.


This activity has been adapted from a similar activity in the Instructor's Manual of Paul Gore's Connections, Second Edition. For more class activities and instructor resources, check out the catalog page here.