True Crime Podcast and Annotated Bibliography

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Assignment by Emily Pucker, Bedford New Scholar 2018



The fourth major writing assignment will in fact be the creation of a short podcast of about five to ten minutes, presenting a true crime of your own choosing in a format of your choosing. Will you select to tell the entire story in a single “episode” like True Crime Brewery, or present a piece of the story as if part of a longform presentation like Gone Cold? Will you collaborate with a friend as on Misconduct or go solo as on They Walk Among Us? Incorporate real audio and interviews alá Sword and Scale – or be daring and reenact them as a drama as on Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories? Before crafting your podcast, you will prepare an Annotated Bibliography of at least twelve potential sources for your research; after recording the podcast, you will then write an explanation of the choices that went into the podcast.


With all of these decisions to make, you may decide to use the first person or third person, and any other rhetorical choices that best suit your podcast; you will almost certainly use the first person in crafting your reflection and explanation. You may also opt to work with others. If you choose to work in a pair or a group, you will need a minimum of twelve potential sources on the Annotated Bibliography per person and five minutes on the podcast per person; each person will write his or her own explanation. You will need to submit your prewriting and a “pitch” by midnight 3/23 which will be approved (or not) by the instructor.



Consider what kinds of sources you will want to use; you should include at least eight outside sources and at least one quotation from each source. We will be discussing MLA formatting in class, so be sure to use proper citation style and format for this essay. If you need help with this or any other part of this assignment, please speak with your instructor, librarian, or writing tutor.



Follow good writing process methods:

  • Start out with a brainstorming exercise
  • Develop a solid outline
  • Follow this up with a rough draft
  • Revise and polish using feedback from peers and instructor
  • Submit the final draft on time



Abide by the deadline schedule found in your syllabus

  • Prewriting, Pitch, and five potential sources due: 3/23 on Blackboard
  • Rough drafts due: at your conference, hardcopies at peer review
  • Bibliography final draft due: 4/15 on Blackboard
  • Podcast final draft due: day of final exam – upload to Blackboard
  • Explanation/Reflection due: day of final exam – upload to Blackboard


Important Information

  • This assignment is worth 20% of your final course grade
  • Word count goal: 1000-1250 words
  • Use fully correct MLA formatting