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Christopher Sanjurjo Montalvo shares insight into his journey and why he does what he does to achieve more. As a student, he works to reinforce humanity toward others through his work exploring Ubuntu.
Valamere Wikler share insights into her journey and why she does what she does to achieve more. As a Graduate Instructional Technology Assistant and student, she works to inspire unique strategies and social change.
My Journey to #AchieveMore

My participation in an undergraduate research program impacted my drive to do more. I conducted an extensive global literature review about Ubuntu -- a humanistic African philosophy. The focal point of my research project was to analyze the cultural production of Ubuntu as an African perspective in rebuilding distressed communities. My research findings showcased the use of Ubuntu as a philosophical approach to soften adversities generated from Capitalism and the applicability of utilizing Ubuntu as a framework for rebuilding distressed South African communities. My research about the Ubuntu philosophy influenced me to participate in an Ubuntu Arts and Dialogues in Diversity event in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. During my participation in the Ubuntu Arts events I consistently engaged in reflective journaling, dialogue with international colleagues from the University of Fort Hare, and interaction with members of Healdtown High School (South Africa) regarding perspectives about Ubuntu in everyday life.

The next step in my research will require me to conduct quantitative research in association with a local program in Flint that is utilizing an Ubuntu framework as a philosophy to serve distressed communities. My participation in the Ubuntu research project inspires me to pursue a future career in academia and continue researching the applicability of Ubuntu as a theoretical framework that enhances social justice. Ubuntu is not a simple ideology but rather a way of life that contributes to the building of a just and equitable society. I am because we are – four words that reinforces humanity towards others.


What Drives You to #AchieveMore?