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Assignment by Skye Roberson, Bedford New Scholar 2018


The Rhetorical Situation


  • Provide basic information on how to use a multimodal tool.

  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the tool.

  • Answer questions from the class about the nuances of the tool, potentially troubleshooting foreseeable problems.


  • Peers in the classroom


  • Informative presentation
  • Pro/con list


Key Steps

  • Read the “Collaborative Writing” chapter in Writing Memphis.
  • In class, form groups and claim a multimodal tool from the list below:
    • Canva
    • Piktochart
    • iMovie
    • Wordpress
    • Wix
    • Adobe Spark
    • Audacity
  • Using the strategies from “Collaborative Writing,” use the remaining class time to get to know one another, play with your multimodal tool, and plan for next week.
  • This assignment is meant to be completed in the classroom. The way your group uses that time is up to you. There will be no additional assignments during that week. I will be there to facilitate and troubleshoot.
  • Samples from former students are available on our course website.
  • During the work week, your group should hit the following milestones:
    • Understand the basic capabilities of the tool.
    • Create a sample project to show the class.
    • Develop an outline for the presentation.
    • Write a pro/con list for the tool, considering what kind of projects might work well in the format.
  • By presentation day, your group should be prepared to give an informational presentation about the tool and answer questions.



  • Presentation should be 10-12 minutes in length.
  • Printed pro/con list that considers how different arguments would work in the format.
  • Presentation is clearly informative.
  • Sample project shows the capabilities of the tool, without being extensive.
  • Group is able to answer questions from their peers and the instructor.
  • Complete the group evaluation as homework following the presentation



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