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Assignment by Salena Parker, Bedford New Scholar 2019



This assignment will scaffold the foundations of your analytical, writing, and research skills that you’ve improved upon all semester. I would like you to identify a topic of your choosing that you deem important or vital to your livelihood and compose a 1500-2000-word essay in MLA or APA format in which you argue a position on your chosen topic. Possibilities for this argument include proposing a solution to a problem associated with your chosen topic, presenting the validity of a certain perspective or interpretation of your topic, or presenting a case for why this topic requires more public engagement. Either way, you need to have a clear, direct position on your topic and a clear indication for why your topic matters.


General Instructions

  • Format: MLA or APA
    • (Check Canvas for information sheets on how to craft texts in these formats)
  • Length: 1,500 to 2,000 words
    • (MLA: double spaced, APA: single-spaced)
  • Create an interesting title. Remember: this topic/argument matters greatly to you, so put some thought and effort into making a title that will catch your readers’ attentions or have them reflect introspectively on your topic.



  • Rough Draft
  • Peer Reviews
  • Final Draft


Some Things to Keep in Mind

  • Consider how your sources and topics fit together. Do they contradict or support each other? What perspectives do they demonstrate? Are there any perspectives you feel are missing from your sources?
  • Incorporate different appeals in your paper -- don’t rely on a single appeal to do the work for you. Emotion, credibility, tone, and audience are just a few aspects of your writing that you should take into consideration for this assignment.
  • Think hard about how you will appeal to readers’ values in this assignment -- what ideas do you need to keep in mind in regards to readership? Pay attention to your intended and actual audience(s).


Important Features

  1. An explicit position: what is your stance on this issue?
  2. A precise description of the problem: if your argument is a proposal, what specific problem are you proposing a solution to?
  3. A clear and compelling solution: if you are proposing a solution, is it clear and effective?
  4. Appropriate background information: what knowledge do your readers need to best understand your argument?
  5. Good reasons and evidence: how do you support your position on this argument? Are you drawing your support from multiple sources?
  6. Evidence that your solution will address the problem: if you are proposing a solution, how are you sure your solution will be an effective one?