Emoji Revision Assignment

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Assignment by Leah Beth Johnston, Bedford New Scholar 2019



  • Strips of paper with movie titles typed on them
  • Electronic Devices (cell phones/tablets/laptops)
  • Internet access
  • Projector



This in-class assignment can function as a way to introduce/further expand upon multimodal revision techniques and incorporate the pedagogical stance of multiple Englishes into First-Year Composition. This assignment should not be attempted until the instructor is certain that all students have access to electronic devices.



After completing this assignment, students will have a basic literacy in emoji language and digital discourse. Students will be able to conduct basic internet research and apply this research to summarizing texts. Students will also be able to understand the concept of a multimodal text and will be able to connect the activity to their own revision processes. Students will also have increased knowledge of central ideas of texts.



Type the titles of movies and print, then separate into slips of paper. Choose film titles mindfully; both for inclusivity and also so that you have a mix of old and new films. Schedule this activity for a class after you have already defined terms such as revision, multimodal, and literacy. It is also best to review the rhetorical triangle of rhetoric, audience, subject, and purpose in the class meeting before you introduce the activity.



Open the activity by reviewing what emoji is and making sure everyone has a working understanding of how to access emoji on their device. Depending on class size, pass out the title slips individually or into groups of 2-4. Ask students to revise not the movie title, but the movie plot, into emoji language. This may require some research if they are not familiar with the movie. Remind students that even if they have seen the movie, they may want to review the main themes before revising the plot into emoji.


As each student/group finishes their revision, they will take a screenshot of the "sentence" and email it to the instructor. Once all revisions have been sent, the instructor projects them and the entire class discusses them one by one to guess which movie they are referring to.



After the projection part of the activity is complete, apply the lesson by reminding students of the rhetorical triangle referenced earlier, and ask them what levels of comfort they felt with the emoji language. Next, present the idea that emoji is one way to get a message across to an audience, and there are many other valid ways as well. Reinforce the concepts of multiple Englishes and rhetorical considerations. Conclude by discussing multimodal revision; it can be effective at this point for students to spend the last 5-10 minutes of class freewriting about their own revision projects and what multimodal concepts and rhetorical strategies appeal to them.