Candice Floyd | It's Not What You Learn But Where

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Candice Floyd I want to teach the same lesson I was taught, without the pratfalls I had to endure.


I teach at the same institution where I learned to reinvent myself. My English professor taught me it's not what you learn but where.
My Journey to #AchieveMore

I remember the day I committed to being an English major as a driving force. It was after my first semester at a community college. Until this class, I'd floated aimlessly through education. Like most students, I didn't know what I was going to do in college. I'd just been told that I needed to go. Moreover, I hadn't cared about going to college; I wanted to escape from my small town. So when I got accepted to a four-year university, I did a happy dance with no thought of how to succeed academically or financially. As such, my experience at the university was short-lived, and I transferred to a community college where I could afford the tuition and the mediocrity. At first I cried. The college's reputation as "13th grade" preceded it.

That impression changed the first day of class as I realized the moniker was for students from area high schools seeing each other again. I was immune to the local culture. That coupled with my previous experience at a much larger school made me realize I could reinvent myself. A large part of that reinvention was my freshman composition course and its professor a stately gentleman with incredible gravitas. He created dynamic assignments, doled out honest critiques, and I looked to him as my unofficial mentor. At the end of the semester I shared my thoughts of becoming an English major and asked his advice about where I should go to pursue the degree. His advice? That it didn't matter where I went, but that wherever I went, I had to make the program mine. That advice drove me to cum laude degrees all the way through grad school, where I cherry picked courses for my Liberal Studies degree and teach at that same community college.


What Drives You to #AchieveMore?