Edith Hill | Using Speech to Empower Others

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Edith Hill shares what drives her to achieve more.
My Journey to #AchieveMore
I believe-- There is a brief magical moment In every relationship When the right statement will change a life. On some level, Everything we do with a child Is preliminary to that moment. With each child . . . one moment. --anonymous I have loved this quote for a long time. It sits framed on my school desk, and reminds me of the reason for all that I do; this belief that some irretrievable moment can happen and the right statement can change a life. I have taught speech classes for many years. In the environment of teaching about public speaking, I have had the privilege to hear student's stories. I think of the student who studied on the bus that he took from the homeless shelter while taking classes with us. He graduated with honors. I think of the student who told the story of a survivor of domestic violence who was actually saved by her own child, only to find that she, herself was the parent, and the child was her son. I have had students who look like football players sobbing at my desk, telling me how no one had ever believed in them. And, the most poignant, the mother who stood up in speech class to give tribute to her toddler, a child who, after a long battle, had died the night before in the hospital. These students have been changed through education. They have new tools in their academic tool belts. They have conquered significant fears while learning new skills. They have become advocates. They carry the keys to not only their own prison but the prisons that entrap others as well. There is nothing more motivating than these kinds of moments. Why wouldn't I teach?

What Drives You to #AchieveMore?