Yesh Datar | The Power of a Well Connected Community

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Yesh Datar shares what drives him to achieve more.
My Journey to #AchieveMore
I have always embraced the New Jersey middle class and American Indian environment that I grew up in. As a kid, I would always find my way into the woods and run after deer or go with my dad to play Saturday morning cricket. My family always emphasized staying connected to the community whether it be backyard BBQ's with the neighbors or attending Indian cultural functions. So even today, I embrace the idea of being connected to my community and embracing the cultural and social values that have been instilled in me. Since before high school, I've tried to stay connected to my community by volunteering as an EMT, serving the American Red Cross, and finding various volunteer opportunities. Since my undergraduate years at Boston University have started, I've been working towards becoming the best medical professional I can be. Under an accelerated medical program and concentrating in Public Health, I face a lot of academic stress but find time to look past that and engage with my community. I cofounded a biology fraternity, research thyroid cancer outcomes and preventative measures, and embrace my culture by dancing on a Bollywood dance team. These things keep my life on campus vibrant and full to the brim with opportunities to explore what I love. Next year, I will be entering medical school with the hope of entering more Public Health related topics of study. I hope to maintain the same engagement in my community in new activities tied to health policy recommendations and medical interventions. The environment I was raised in highly values interacting with people and I will stop at nothing till I reach as many people I can in my life and within my field. This is why I continue reaching out and finding new opportunities to engage with people.

What Drives You to #AchieveMore?