I Want to Flip My Classroom: Now What?

Created by Elizabeth Uva Employee on Jun 9, 2015

Thursday, June 25, 2015 at This is a pre-recorded webinar.

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Dr. Jennifer Imazeki




EconED Active was designed to help instructors who are looking for ways to flip their classrooms, or simply, incorporate more active learning into their economics courses. There are numerous examples and suggestions for interactive classroom activities already on the web and yet, finding activities that match your particular needs can often be daunting. EconED Active is meant to be both a jumping off point and a sounding board for those interested in flipping the classroom or active learning. The site features many open source resources and classroom activities organized according to the most commonly taught topics in principles, as well as the ability for like-minded instructors to share and discuss what’s worked in their own classrooms, and even post their own resources and activities.


In this webinar Dr. Jennifer Imazeki will provide a walkthrough of EconED Active, explaining how to find teaching resources and how they can be used in the classroom. As a community site, EconED Active’s value is in its network – Dr. Imazeki will also demonstrate how to you can post and upload your own resources, rate other resources, start discussions, and interact with the community. Join this webinar and get the tools you need to flip your classroom!




Jennifer Imazeki is a Senate Distinguished Professor and Professor of Economics at San Diego State University where she conducts research in the economics of K-12 education, including work on school finance reform and adequacy, and teacher labor markets. She is also the Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning and has worked on several projects to encourage active learning in economics, particularly using technology and team-based learning. She writes about teaching economics at economicsforteachers.blogspot.com.





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This is a pre-recorded webinar.