Andy Pomerantz: TCCTA (Texas Community College Teach Association)

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Thursday, February 28, 2019 at Houston, TX

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Successful Psychotherapy, Successful Teaching: What Teachers can Learn from the Science of Therapy
Andy Pomerantz, Director of the Clinical Psychology Graduate Program, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, IL

Empirical findings about what makes psychotherapy effective may help college teachers teach more effectively. Decades of empirical research on psychotherapy outcomes confirm the conclusion that a few fundamental factors common across psychotherapy approaches matter as much as, if not more than, specific techniques within any one of them. The most widely recognized of these common factors is the therapeutic alliance/relationship; others include positive expectations (hope) and attention. To what extent might the role of these common factors extend beyond psychotherapy and into the practice of college teaching? In this session, the speaker will explore research relevant to this question.

Andrew Pomerantz is professor of psychology and director of the clinical psychology graduate program at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE). For over two decades, he has taught Introduction to Psychology as well as undergraduate and graduate courses related to clinical psychology. His research on teaching in psychology has been published in Teaching of Psychology, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology, and Training and Education in Professional Psychology. Dr. Pomerantz has also presented at conferences of the American Psychological Association and the National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology. He has served on the editorial boards of Journal of Clinical Psychology, Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy, and Ethics & Behavior. At SIUE, Dr. Pomerantz has received the Paul Simon Outstanding Teacher-Scholar Award and was an invited member of the Peer Consultant Team of the Excellence in Learning and Teaching Initiative. He is also the author of the textbook Clinical Psychology: Science, Practice, and Culture.

Houston, TX