Kevin Revell

Using Jing for Short Videos

Blog Post created by Kevin Revell on Oct 6, 2016

[originally posted July 2014]


One of the first challenges I encountered in flipping a class was how to make short videos specific to a topic I was covering.  I’ve found that for short, low-maintenance videos, Jing is a really valuable resource.  This free download, available from TechSmith, allows you to record up to five minutes of video, then stores it online (also free).  While there is no real editing capability without purchasing the Camtasia software, it is a great resource for its simplicity.  Here's an example of one of my early Jing videos:



These days, I mostly use the full Camtasia and edit carefully, but I still use Jing occasionally for a quick and less formal screen capture.  For example, I’ve used Jing quite a bit to show people the basics of navigating around a software package, or to briefly review a topic with which my students should already be familiar.  I can record, upload, and send a link in only five or ten minutes.