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David Marien
My Launchpad learning curve and test and exam portions are not showing up at all. This is the first time I have had this issue this whole semester. My class end on 11/17 and I need this issue resolved quickly so that I can finish my class. Why is there not a technical support phone number to call?
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Courtney Sievertson
My instructor assigned a 10 point value for this video, however no questions or quiz accompany the video so I don't know how to earn those points. Not sure how to proceed.
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Mary Murphy
When accessing 13c) Antisocial Relations Lab: Stereotyping, the page remains to show as loading for over 20 minutes. I have cleared the cache in my browser, tried an alternate browser (chrome&firefox), and contacted another student to determine this is an issue beyond my own account. What should I do?
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Becky Anderson
We’re delighted to launch our Learning Science and Insights website and share with you our approach. We hope there’s something of interest here to all educators.   Improving learner success is a complex process with many influencing factors. The responsibility couldn’t be greater, and the benefits more profound. So, for our contribution, at… (Show more)
Rohanna Wheatley
I can't seem to access some of the course material/content even after I have enabled Adobe Flash Player in LaunchPad. Is anyone else experienceing this issue or can advise on what I need to do to correct it so I can access the study material?    Please help. Thanks.
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Aaron Witt
I have quizzes twice a week on LaunchPad, and I know that I have them, but some weeks they are not showing up, and I am only notified after the fact, when it tells me that I have an overdue assignment, what should I do?
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Jamie Doyle
I've had this problem before with the PsychSim parts of the labs where certain slides won't load and instead show a blue head, and if you refresh there's then 2 blue heads. I've allowed adobe flash player for the website so I'm not sure why it won't load.
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Carlos Herrera
I am taking the entire Life Science series and I thought that I was taking it all during my freshman year, so I bought the 1 year subscription. PEERS, the science program that I am a part of, chose our classes for us beforehand, but did not tell me that I would not take the entire Life Science series this year. They said that they have us do 2… (Show more)
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Andrew Evans
In my course Launchpad course LS7A 2017 Fall Pires, in the Week 5 assignments, Gene Expression Practice Exam Question 3, there was supposed to be an image to refer to, but it just showed up as an image address. Having not been able to refer to the photo, I was unable to answer the questions. I tried restarting the page, and the photo was still… (Show more)
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