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Lindsay DaCosta
One question for a homework assignment says to use the "line drawing tool" to draw a certain type of graph. I am not sure if this tool is found on the website or through my mac.
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Helana Castillo
Hello   I need help accessing the PsychSims. It will not load any of the videos or content after the first video, all that appears on the screen is {}. 
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Laura Wind
Faculty Consultants for Astronomy Name: David Patton Department: Physics and Astronomy School: Trent University(Canada) Product: LaunchPad for Comins and Kaufmann Discovering the Universe How do you use LaunchPad? I use LaunchPad to assign weekly quizzes and weekly assignments. My quizzes use randomized pooled selection from the testbank. My…
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Dillon Sain
I did a LMS integration with my Blackboard account and my grades are not transferring to my Blackboard account from Launchpad. When I registered with Launchpad I did not use the same email as the one that is on my Blackboard account. Could this be the issue or is it something else? Thanks!
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Savannah Oliver
I had a free access code (the free trial) until it ran out and now I need to purchase one but whenever I put my card info in and click enter it says "sorry we cannot complete your purchase". There is nothing wrong with my card and I have the money to purchase it. I need LauchPad quickly though, so please respond. 
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Stella Espinoza
It counts as 10 points of my grade and that is a lot. I need those points but I don't know how to get them. It just has me fill out some multiple choice questions than some charts but then there is no complete button.
in LaunchPad
when I click on the ebook for my course, the ebook will not load. It continues to show the same screen and does nothing when I click on "read on". What can I do to fix this?
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Stormee Moon-Craig
I used the free trial for two weeks on launch pad and then I went to purchase the access code. When I bought the code I thought everything was fine but only the portion on the free trial was sent to canvas and the other half of graded work is on LaunchPad what can be done to fix this?
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susan kelly
Launch pad keeps deleting my assignments that I have completed. Has anyone else had this problem. I have done the same learning curves numerous times and it keeps saying that I haven't.
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Monica Sanchez
I'm trying to download the ebook for Essentials of Economics 4th Edition By Krugman/Wells but it keeps opening a different book for Biology. Is there any way this can be fixed?
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