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Blog Post created by Becky Anderson Employee on Sep 2, 2015

I just saw this great question and answer exchange that I thought might be interesting to people:


Question for LaunchPad folks: These instructors write a lot of their own quiz questions. Is there a way for instructors to share those questions between each other? At this point, it doesn't sound like they want to do a master course that everyone copies since they all pretty much do their own thing within LaunchPad. Ideally, they just want the ability to share questions that others in the department write.


Answer: Questions can be imported within LaunchPad, so if you have a pool of questions that everyone in the department wants to write and use, they can be imported. Here are the screen steps on how to create questions using the import function. My additional advice on this process is to test the questions once you’ve written them.  That just ensures your questions and answers are formatted properly.