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User Guide?

Blog Post created by Lynette L Moderator on Jan 13, 2016

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LaunchPad user guide


I was recently dismayed to hear from one of our top technical support agents that most of the instructors he speaks to don’t know that we have a large collection of help articles and videos that one can access through the Help menu in one’s LaunchPad title, not to mention through our Macmillan Learning Web site or by direct URL pasted into, say, an email from a sales representative. Hearing my disappointment, the agent assured me that, when he points out the help site to instructors, they respond positively and are excited to have a searchable repository at their fingertips.


My question for you, then, is “Did you know?” And if not, why not? Is the Help menu not obvious, or maybe it’s uninspiring? Have you thought of clicking on it? Have you needed to click on it?


For those of you who have used the self-help resources we provide, what did you think of them? Did you find what you were looking for? Were the resources adequate? Would you like to see more or different things?


I want our Self-Help experience to be as easy and satisfying as reaching for another helping of your favorite dish. It’s right there in front you. All you have to do is spin the lazy Susan and grab a spoon.