Becky Anderson

What Inspires You - Kindness

Blog Post created by Becky Anderson Employee on Mar 28, 2016

My husband and I have this long-standing discussion where we talk about famous people that we'd like to have over for dinner. There are some great athletes that I think would be terrible dinner companions, even if I do like and support them in their profession. Steph Curry, however, seems like a great guy to have over for dinner. There was a little article about him in Sports Illustrated that mentioned, among other things, how he responded to a teenage fan who was just diagnosed with bone cancer. I don't think there is any way to teach someone how to talk to strangers with kindness and compassion; it's just something you either can or cannot do and it appears that Steph Curry has that skill in spades. For that reason alone, it is worth supporting Steph Curry this year.