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Recently, a young man, Josh Titus, passed away after battling cancer and all the articles referenced his inspirational story. You should check it out (assuming you have tissues nearby) to see how sports and humanity can make a difference for all people involved. It is well worth your time, I promise.


Part 1:  J-Mac, Josh Titus & Patrick Thibodeau Story - Part 1 - YouTube

Part 2: J-Mac, Josh Titus & Patrick Thibodeau Story - Part 2 - YouTube

I just finished the book The Zookeeper's Wife by Diane Ackerman. You wouldn't think that a non-fiction book that takes place in Warsaw, Poland during the peak of Nazism and World War II would be inspiring, but I found the book (for the most part) to be very positive. What I took away from it was, despite all the atrocities that were happening around them, when people banded together, they could accomplish the most amazing things. One person trying to subvert the power structure struggles to accomplish much; however, thousands of people in defiance make for an unstoppable force. (And, as a backdrop, there was a fair amount about the importance of music and art to allow people to escape and recall beauty during a period of terrible ugliness.) Check it out and let me know what you think.