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WriterKey has tons of fabulous features and functionality, but I want to introduce you to just a few to pique your interest over the next few posts.


Support for reflection and revision. Throughout the writing process, students are prompted to reflect - using questions that instructors can create, edit and assign. A side-by-side view of their writing with comments helps students engage fully in the revision process.


Recently, a young man, Josh Titus, passed away after battling cancer and all the articles referenced his inspirational story. You should check it out (assuming you have tissues nearby) to see how sports and humanity can make a difference for all people involved. It is well worth your time, I promise.


Part 1:  J-Mac, Josh Titus & Patrick Thibodeau Story - Part 1 - YouTube

Part 2: J-Mac, Josh Titus & Patrick Thibodeau Story - Part 2 - YouTube

WriterKey has tons of fabulous features and functionality, but I want to introduce you to just a few to pique your interest over the next few posts.


A writing space that organizes assignments and tracks objectives. Instructors easily add writing assignments, along with the key objectives, to help students focus on their writing goals and track their progress across drafts. WriterKey comes with a set of objectives for you to use, or you can add your own, to create the perfect assignment. And students can access those goals throughout the writing process, to make sure they are meeting the objectives of the assignment.

We are *ecstatic* to let you know about Macmillan’s acquisition of WriterKey, an online product for writing and review!

What is WriterKey?  Instructors set up writing assignments based on their objectives. In response, students can draft, reflect, do peer review, and revise. Then WriterKey lets instructors comment on student writing, using color-coded comments, a rubric, and a customizable comment library that make grading more efficient. Then powerful analytics show how students are progressing and where they need more writing instruction.


How can you learn more?   Talk to your local representative for more information, to get a demonstration, or to get access to a sandbox account. Or respond to this post with your enthusiasm about this product! We want you to be as excited as we are--and we are pretty darned excited!

I just finished the book The Zookeeper's Wife by Diane Ackerman. You wouldn't think that a non-fiction book that takes place in Warsaw, Poland during the peak of Nazism and World War II would be inspiring, but I found the book (for the most part) to be very positive. What I took away from it was, despite all the atrocities that were happening around them, when people banded together, they could accomplish the most amazing things. One person trying to subvert the power structure struggles to accomplish much; however, thousands of people in defiance make for an unstoppable force. (And, as a backdrop, there was a fair amount about the importance of music and art to allow people to escape and recall beauty during a period of terrible ugliness.) Check it out and let me know what you think.

Becky Anderson

Tech Ed Week

Posted by Becky Anderson Employee Apr 3, 2016

Are you using Macmillan technology in an interesting way? If so, we want to hear from you!


From June 20-22, we are going to bring in a select group of faculty members who are successfully using our technology (LaunchPad, LaunchPad Solo, LearningCurve, Writer’s Help 2.0, FlipIt, or Sapling Learning) to talk about how that technology is improving teaching or engaging students. We will pay for your travel costs to our New York City office, meals, and two nights in NYC, and we hope to get your feedback on our technology plans for the future. In exchange, you will need to do a brief (15-minute) presentation for us on how our technology is changing your course, improving your teaching, or engaging your students. We may stream the presentations live and hope to record them for sharing with others.


If you are interested, and your participation in this sort of event at our expense is approved by your institution, please fill out the application, which is available online.  The full rules are here. Confirmation by your ethics officer will be required if you are selected.  We will notify all who are selected at the beginning of May. Please email if you have additional questions.