Becky Anderson

WriterKey: Powerful Analytics

Blog Post created by Becky Anderson Employee on May 6, 2016

Here is the last post about WriterKey. Hopefully you have been inspired to learn more, or will be inspired after this post, and we look forward to getting your feedback on WriterKey.


Powerful analytics based on instructor comments.  A visual dashboard rolls up data that instructors can trust to give them a unique view into their students’ areas of strength across drafts and assignments, noting where students need additional instruction or where significant progress has been made.

Instructors can look by student, by assignment or across the course as whole, and this data even includes the self-reflection responses as well.

All of these features and functionality allow students to thoroughly understand and learn from the reflection, commenting and revising process in order to become better writers.

For more information, contact your local representative to get access to WriterKey.