Becky Anderson

Improving the Speed of LaunchPad (and LC and Writer's Help)

Blog Post created by Becky Anderson Employee on Jun 1, 2016

On Friday evening, July 1, we are going to be making some changes behind the scenes to the way LaunchPad (and its family of products) runs. This update means that you will experience faster page load times and greater scalability as we move forward with more and more people using our products.


Because of these updates, during the evening of July 1, please do not have any assignments due as students will not be able to access them, or any part of LaunchPad, Writer's Help 2.0, or LearningCurve.


You will receive additional notifications from me during the week of June 27th so you can better plan your time (and we can give you exact times that the maintenance will be happening) but for now, avoid due dates later in the day on July 1 and you should be all set.